Published on April 9th, 2013 | by George X.

Grimlands a Post-Apocalyptic RPG/Shooter MMO Getting Kickstarted

Polish Game Development Company Drago Entertainment turned to crowd-funding in order to complete their in-development post-apocalyptic  shooter MMORPG.

Seeing the kickstarter video, Grimlands reminded me a lot of an older MMORPG, Fallen Earth. And that’s good since there’s always space for classless shooter based sandbox MMORPGs that has no elves and dwarves…

Grimlands plays like a shooter with fast, dynamic combat and fast firing weapons. This doesn’t however mean that you need mad aiming skills to be able to play or compete against others since Grimlands employs aim assistance mechanics. If you have a good aim though, you can hit certain body parts for more damage or special bonuses (e.g. making your enemy limb) to gain an advantage.

Besides a variety of different weapon types Grimlands also features a cover system, sneaking and stealth to support different play and combat styles. We give you the tools and you use them like you wish.

Grimland is also one of the games that follows the new trend of no “holy-trinity” Tank-Dps-Healer gameplay. Content like dungeons still requires group coordination but on a different level as every player can heal himself and every player can taunt enemies.

The Kickstarter campaign started yesterday and Drago Entertainment asks for $650.000. Check out the games kickstarter page for more information.

Here are some screenshots and their Kickstarter video:

grimlands1 grimlands2 grimlands3 grimlands4 grimlands5

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