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Published on January 29th, 2013 | by George X.

Neverwinter Beta Weekends and founders pack pre-order details

Cryptic and Perfect World announced today three beta weekend events for their upcoming free to play MMORPG Neverwinter, scheduled for February 8-10, March 8-10, and March 22-24.

They also released info about the “founders packs” that start from a very logical $20 purchace up to a somewhat insane $200 “Hero of the North Founder Pack”…

Here’s what you get for with your monies, (the $20 pack does not offer access to beta weekends)

Neverwinter Starter Kit:

The Neverwinter Starter Kit  costs $19.99 USD (valued at $49.00) and supplies adventurers with  virtual consumable goods to aid them in their quest for glory:

  • ‘Adventurer’s Helper Pack’ containing six different types of in-game items
  • ‘Small Bag of Holding’ for twelve extra inventory slots
  • ‘Amulet of Protection’ item

Guardian of Neverwinter Pack:

The Guardian of  Neverwinter Pack  costs $59.99 USD (valued at $149.00). In addition to guaranteed entry to all three Beta Weekends, the pack also includes VIP beta perks, and a variety of in-game items exclusive to  founder’s Pack purchasers, including:

  • Three-day head start access to Neverwinter Open Beta
  • Unique ‘Gold Moonstone Mask Regalia’ head piece
  • Unique ‘Armored Horse’ mount
  • Unique ‘Direwolf Companion’
  • In-game and forum ‘Founder’ title

Hero of the North Founder’s Pack:

For the ultimate Neverwinter experience, the Hero of the North Founder’s Pack costs $199.99 USD (valued at $549.00). It guarantees entry to all three Beta Weekends,  includes VIP access to Moonstone Mask Tavern, early access  to The Foundry (Neverwinter’s user-generated content creation tool), fifteen additional in-game items, plus features the following  exclusive items that are only available through the Founders’ Pack program:

  • Five-day head start access to Neverwinter Open Beta
  • Beta Weekend Friend Invite code
  • Exclusive access to ‘Menzoberranzan Renegade’, a drow playable race like the legendary ranger Drizzt Do’Urden, complete with unique racial abilities and tattoo
  • Unique ‘Armored Spider’ mount
  • Unique ‘Panther Companion’
  • In-game and forum ‘Founder’ title
  • VIP Game Access to skip-the-line and get priority log-in access


More info about Neverwinter here

Source: Kotaku


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