Published on May 14th, 2013 | by George X.

Rift Goes Free-to-Play on June 12th

Trion Worlds just announced that their flagship MMORPG Rift will be going free-to-play starting June 12th. The new free-to-play model will allow unrestricted access to all dungeons, warfronts and raids, with the company promising that there are no tricks and no traps in Rift’s new free-to-play design.

All end-game gear will have to be earned and there won’t be any way to buy power, promises Trion’s representative.

Subscribers, known as Patrons, will receive special bonuses to currency, mount speed, various types of experience and more.

Owing the latest game expansion Storm Legion will give you access to all of the games souls (talent trees) as well as 6 character slots and 5 starting bag slots where free players will have only 2 character slots and 3 bag slots.

For more information check the video above and the Rift: Free to Play Official Website

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One Response to Rift Goes Free-to-Play on June 12th

  1. George Lolas says:

    I like the idea of a F2P rift. They have mentioned that all the content that the game offers, will be free and accesible without having to pay. This is the best F2P model to go.

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