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Published on June 7th, 2013 | by George X.


RIFT Tops LoL on Raptr’s Most Played Games of May

Raptr is gaming community with over 17 million users. Other than IM chat and News Feeds Raptr is mostly known for tracking down how many hours you spend playing your favorite game. They just released the numbers for May and we see some big changes in the top list.

RIFT jumped up 13 spots to garner a 7.76% share of player hours in May, topping even League of Legends and World of Warcraft. According to the company this was largely thanks to a reward campaign that quadrupled the number of players from March.

Free-to-play ninja shooter Warframe continues to rise up the most played ranks, although a set of Warframe Rewards in May were also a contributing factor.

Cryptic Studios’ F2P MMO Neverwinter is doing incredibly well so far, debuting in the 11th spot.

These numbers represent only users of the Raptr service. Check out the full list below.



Source: Raptr

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2 Responses to RIFT Tops LoL on Raptr’s Most Played Games of May

  1. Sebastian Krows says:

    I want to see the faces of the LoL kiddies now…

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