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5 Must-Have MMO Gamer Accessories

If you’re seriously in MMO and MMORPG gaming chances are you need some new accessories. There are all sorts of accessories and gadgets related to MMO games available on the market, keyboards, mice, headsets… even cup warmers!

MMORPGs and MMO gaming can be a full-time job where you spend hours or even days without getting some rest. If you spend so many hours, why not try making the best out of it by using some proper MMORPG gaming equipment?

Today we’ll be checking out some MMORPG accessories. I’ve used and tested a lot of gaming accessories in my 20 years of gaming, so I will suggest you only what truly satisfied me and has a reasonable price tag.

MMO Mouse

Chances are you’ll be touching the mouse more than anything else  in your usual MMO gaming day. There are plenty of options in gaming mice, but I choose the Logitech G500 Programmable Gaming Mouse. The Logitech G500 provides unparalleled precision, control, and comfort. It offers a gaming-grade laser that allows for smooth precision at any hand speed. Onboard memory lets you take your settings for your favorite titles wherever you go – with no added software. The Logitech G500 offers 10 programmable buttons and On-the-fly adjustable DPI controller that gives you the right level of precision for any game scenario in any game you play.

A lot of people ask me why i not choose a Razer Mouse like Naga or Death Adder. The first thing I check on a mouse is the grip and build quality. unfortunately I was not very satisfied with the Razer mice for my MMO gaming needs as they feel very “plastic” for my tastes.


MMO Keyboard

Keyboard is really important for your gaming. Classic 10$ can do the job, but once you’ve tried a mechanical keyboard there is no turning back. Just like MMO Gaming Mice, there are plenty of mechanical gaming keyboards priced at $100-$150. My Keyboard of choice is the Razer Blackwidow Ultimate 2013 Elite Mechanical Gaming Keyboard .

The Razer Blackwidow is a full-sized backlit mechanical keyboard with 5 additional Macro keys, a USB Passthrough and Audio in-out jacks for all of you playing in Net Cafes and Lan Parties. Great keyboard overall, been very satisfied with it.


MMO Headset

Gaming Headsets are usually hit or miss. They have beautiful designs but rarely does their sound justify their cost. If you own a descent sound card, want the best sound you can have and price is not an issue then the $250 Sennheiser PC 360 Headset for Pro Gaming is your headset of choice. But I try to make this list a little more affordable since there is a chance you’ll be buying many of these accessories together and I will suggest the Razer Kraken Pro Analog Gaming Headset instead. The Kraken is the most comfortable headset I have ever tried, allowing me to wear them for many hours when playing MMOs without the slightest discomfort. They cost $76 on Amazon and it’s the coolest looking headset ever created. Even DJs wear them cause of their looks!


Mouse Pad

A lot of people believe that a mouse pad is not needed. If you’re a serious MMO gamer you need one and it must be big. My mouse-pad choice comes from Steelseries and is the SteelSeries QcK Heavy Gaming Mouse Pad. This XXL Sized cloth mouse pad is ideal for many hours of MMORPG or competitive gaming.  With the use of high quality cloth material, an optimized texture which guarantees both smoothness and glide and a specially designed non-slip rubber base this mouse pad blows away the competition and is a great choice not only for the hardcore gamer but also for graphic designers and others who use their mouse for extended periods of time. The SteelSeries QcK is compatible with all types of mice and is has great value for the money.


Cup Warmer

cup-warmerI know that summer is coming soon but the most important MMO Gamer Accessory is the USB Cup Warmer. All these cold MMO gaming nights and 5 hour raids. Why get up and make new coffee when you can use a cup warmer and always keep your coffee warm?







Don’t forget to check out our Bulding an MMORPG PC guide and check our Best MMORPGs to Play – May Edition to test your newly bought MMORPG Accessories!

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is a lover of MMOs. Been playing full time since the first days of Everquest and never stopped since then. Currently he's addicted with DOTA 2 and GW2.

2 Responses to 5 Must-Have MMO Gamer Accessories

  1. Sebastian Krows says:

    Cup Warmer LOL!

  2. DorjeeVajra says:

    G600 much better gaming mouse I’ve compared and researched, no other MMO mouse has the ring finger button which makes shift rpofile and switch profile quick and seamless not to mention the scroll has a downward and left and right click which almost non of the other MMO mice have plus it is made very well and will last a long time. Only draw back is they do not have a left hand version.

    Belkin Nostromo N52 has lasted me over 8 years of heavy play and still works like a charm tho it lacks the bells and whistles on the N52te it is far more durable and reliable and the software is far superior. I’ve tried out several different pads and to date it is still the most ergonomic and functional game pad. It’s hard to find but not impossible you can fin used ones through amazon prime for $30 they wouldn’t put prime on it if they wont back up the sale so it’s safe even if it is used with prime stamp on it.

    I’m using the G910 keyboard and love it nice feel pretty quiet tho the Corsair Gaming K95 could be a better choice with 6 rows of 3 keys to the far right. The G910 is nice I like it only draw back not all the keys are programmable which can be solved with third party software the Corsair Gaming K95 all the keys are programmable.

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