Kaspersky Labs made an interesting post about account security for MMO games. Due to high popularity MMO accounts have become big targets for attackers. The attackers usually hack the account for gold then use it for botting purposes. It’s a multi-million business behind these hacking attempts and account security should not be taken lightly. Kaspersky suggests a few methods to secure your favorite MMO account:

  1. Use Unique Emails: It is almost a certainty that you will get phishing emails at the email address you use for fan sites, so establish an email that you use solely for those sites. And be highly suspicious of any email you get in that account. Then set up a unique email for each MMO game you play. Again, do not associate your main personal email with any of these MMO game or fan site accounts. Use different passwords for each of these accounts.
  2. Use Strong Passwords: Always use strong passwords that are not words from the dictionary and that feature non-alphanumeric symbols.
  3. Practice Safe Gaming: Don’t play in sketchy online games; if you haven’t heard of it you probably shouldn’t trust it. And don’t click on the ads on these games, as you probably can’t trust them to be safe either.
  4. Embrace Authenticators: As authenticators start to become available for these popular games, use them.

Check out the full post by Kaspersky Labs here.

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