Published on March 1st, 2013 | by George X.

Guildwars 2 devs add progress to WvW

Great news for all Guildwars 2 players. The one negative in ArenaNet’s title was the lack of progress in the endgame World vs World part of the game. Players were complaining about it since the first day and now, 6 months later, ArenaNet brings new additions to Guildwars 2 WvW.

First addition is the removal of the Culling. After trying several hotfixes, they have a permanent solution that will be solving the problem of invisible enemies once and for all. Second addition of the March patch is the addition of progress in WvW. Players will be now be able to acquire World XP by killing other players and joining WvW events.

“Every sum of World XP will give you a rank and that will give you a new title in WvW. For example right now you only see the “Invader” title. These titles will change with your rank. With each rank you will earn points to cash in on WVW abilities.”  says Habib Loew, WvW Coordinator of Guildwars 2.

The abilities will be mostly passive like being able to carry more supply, being more effective against certain types of NPCs, being able to do more siege damage, or being more resistant to siege damage. 

Habib Loew also promises that this is just the start of a series of patches for WvW and that there is a lot more planned to be added in the near future.


Source: GW2 Developers on WvW’s Future
More Info: Official Site

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