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Guildwars 2: World Ranks & WvW Progress Detailed

The long awaited patch is coming really soon. Arenanet has been hard at work on the new WvW character progression system that will be coming to Guild Wars 2 on March 26.

The new patch will bring:

World Ranks and World XP (WXP). When you participate in WvW events and defeat enemy players, you will earn World Experience (WXP). When you earn enough WXP you’ll unlock World Ranks. Every World Rank earned will come with a World Ability Point, and some ranks can even give you a new World Title. The amount of WXP you’ll be getting from kills depends on how long the victim was alive. Someone tha just respawned will worth close to no points while a player that has survived for a longer period of time is worth more.

World Ability Points can be spent on unique WvW abilities that improve your character in whatever roll you may find yourself in—anything from increasing the amount of supply you can hold to increasing defense from siege attacks to new siege weapon skills. You can train multiple times in the same ability, which increases the effectiveness of the ability, but also increases the cost.

World Titles are a great way to show off your expertise to your enemies. World Titles, which are given to players at specific ranks, replace the display name that your enemies see. Currently when you see enemy players in WvW, you always see their server name plus the title of ‘invader’ after it, like so: “Sanctum of Rall Invader.” With the new system you will see players as their world name plus their World Title. For instance, if your enemy has reached the rank that gives them the World Title of “Recruit,” you will now see their name as: “Sanctum of Rall Recruit.”


Source: Guildwars 2 Dev Blog

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