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Sandbox MMORPG Trials of Ascension now on Kickstarter

It’s not everyday you stumble upon a promising sandbox MMORPG. Forged Chaos just started a kickstarter campaign asking for $750k in order to complete their previously cancelled sandbox game.  Long story short, Trials of Ascension development started a long time ago. Publishers and investors asked the team to make the game easier and more casual friendly but the game developers prefered to not compromise and brought their game to kickstarter.

Developed on Hero Engine, Trials of Ascension is a  true hardcore sandbox MMORPG that brings some interesting features to the genre. For starters, your character is not immortal, he has 100 lives. Once you’re killed 100 times it’s time to roll a new toon. Similar to one of my favorite sandbox Salem, you won’t be able to see other players names. It will be up to you to ask them and tag them as you think appropriate. Also no colors above the mob and players name, if it looks tough, it probably is…

One other interesting feature is the promise of a 24/7 game master that will be throwing events and stuff arround the game world, changing the gaming world every day.

A classless skill system, open PvP, player buildings, settlements and dynamic spawning  are all there promising a great sandbox experience.

If you want to pledge for ToA hed over to their kickstarter page or their official website


Trials-of-Ascension-kickstarter2 Trials-of-Ascension-kickstarter3

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