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Sevencore Bites the Dust

Free to Play MMO competition is tough. You have to face F2P quality games like SWTOR, Age of Conan, LotRO and Tera. There is no room for errors and generic MMOs. GPatato just announced that their MMORPG Sevencore is shutting down for good at the end of April. The post indicates that the reason for the closure is due to the fact that the developer can no longer support the game as it is not profitable.

They will be offering some stuff to their players as compensation.

  1. – We are going to reimburse all gPotato spent between the 1st of February and today, and between 30% and 75% for purchases prior to this date.
  2. – We will close the in-game shop with immediate effect but are looking into an option to make all shop items available for free.
  3. – The game service won’t be closed until the end of April.
  4. – During the final period of the game, we will boost EXP gain and run various events to make the final weeks as entertaining as possible.
  5. – We are currently working on some very interesting offers for all SEVENCORE players if you decide to play one of our many other games. These packages are currently being discussed and finalised, once we have all the details we will update you on this topic.

More Coverage: Official Site

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