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The Secret World: PvP Update

The Secret World is definitely one of the best PvE MMORPGs to date. Spooky atmosphere, challenging instances and a great community is what made us give Funcom’s title  the first position in our Top MMORPGs of 2013 list. Things are not perfect though, as the games PvP was considered a “joke” by veteran PvP players.

Funcom quickly realised this and now they released information about their incoming massive PvP patch named “Issue #6”. The new patch features the addition of Battle Ranks, a PvP leveling system.

“When a player fills up his PvP experience bar he will gain a new Battle Rank. The PvP experience bar is split up into segments, just like the regular experience bar. When the player has filled up a segment he will be rewarded with a new currency. These “Distinction of the Council” tokens can be used to buy various PvP rewards. There is no cap to Battle Ranks. We will simply keep introducing additional rewards as players progress. Because there is no power increase new players do not have to worry about catching up to the veterans. They can just acquire ranks at their own pace.”


The Secret World: New PvP Armor Sets

One other problem that TSW had in it’s PvP was Matchmaking. People did not queue for battlegrounds as most of the times matches were un-even. Finally they got a solution for that too:

“In addition to allowing players to sign up for more than one PvP Battleground at the same time, we started work on tracking the skill of the players based on the matches they win and lose. This is done using the Glicko2 system. By tracking the players’ skill we can put them in a match with players of equal skill and thus improve the quality of the match for everyone participating.”


Source: Issue #6 Blog Post

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