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Top 10 MMOs in Korea

Korean gaming habits are considered to be quite different from ours. Is that entirely true? Lets check together what are the Top 10 MMO games in Korea for month June. These numbers come from Korean website Gametrics that tracks the most played games in Korean Internet Cafe’s.

The most played game in Korea is the same as the rest of the world. Riot’s League of Legends tops the most played list with a huge 30%+ difference from the second Nexon’s MMOFPS Sudden Attack.

The Most Popular MMORPG in Korea is Aion, leaving behind newest games that are popular in the west like Tera, Scarlet Blade or Blade & Soul. The very much-anticipated sandbox MMORPG Archeage is missing from our Top 10 list and so is Blizzard’s World of Warcraft.

Koreans love Blizzard though and we see Starcraft II, Warcraft III and Diablo III in the Top 10 most played Korean Game list.


Sudden Attack
FIFA Online
Blade & Soul
Starcraft II
Dungeon Striker MMORPG
Warcraft III
Diablo III


Is the MMORPG dominance coming to an end? Is there a crisis coming to the genre? Out of the Top 10 Korean Games, only 4 are MMORPGs and only one is in the TOP 3 Most player Korean games. Other than that, no new MMORPGs are in the TOP 10 List. Is that a message to MMO developers that players want something different?

That’s it with the Korean Top 10 Most Played Games. But what are the Best MMO Games for you? Check out our Best MMORPGs for 2013- May Edition and our Best Browser MMOs for 2013 articles!

Source: Gametrics

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13 Responses to Top 10 MMOs in Korea

  1. Sebastian Krows says:

    It saddens me that Archeage is not on the list. I guess my hopes for a sandbox MMORPG with Korean quality where too high…

    As for LoL i really don’t understand how so many people play it. It’s nothing special and there are many games that are much better than it. I can’t justify the 30% percentage…

    • Sam Li says:

      -easily accessible, dont need high end cpu to play
      -f2p with in-game microtransations
      -balanced, competitive MOBA that has the biggest eSports following
      -appealing to all skill levels: high skill ceiling, low skill floor

      its pretty obvious you have either not played at all or dislike MOBAs in general.

      • Sebastian Krows says:

        I have played and enjoyed LoL, but it’s neither balanced, neither entirely free as you suggest.

        Getting a new hero costs well over 10 euro, and u need to be playing 100 games per week in order to unlock them with points.

        Dota was and still is better than LoL on every aspect.

        • Alex K says:

          PC Bangs have all the heroes unlocked

        • Sam Li says:

          how is the game not balanced? you can’t seriously tell me that a game at the top of the eSports world is not balanced? balance is addressed and assessed every patch and tournaments always are played on the most stable and balanced patch.

          the game might not be balanced for YOU because you lack the knowledge and mechanics to understand the proper counterplay or course of action. do not blame your own lack of knowledge on the game itself. improve your skills at the game then you will realize how balanced it is. blatantly unbalanced things are hotfixed, as the community addresses them very quickly.

          you are able to unlock everything other than aesthetic skins from playing the game. if that was such a huge problem, then it wouldn’t be a popular game.

          in fact, the most recent DotA 2 patch attempted to shift away from the stale metagame with a huge array of nerfs to the go-to picks like naix and gyro and introduced new mechanics and huge buffs to the underplayed champions in hopes to see them in competitive play. LoL is no different.

          i have no qualms with dota, as it appeals to a different player base. you just seem mad that LoL is popular but you dont like the game.

          there was no translation for dota in wc3 for koreans, and at the time sc:bw was by far the most popular game in korea no question. after bw died out, eSports in korea shifted to sc2 and LoL.

          • Gustavo Taveira says:

            neither lol nor dota is balanced, like you yourself said both games are constantly patched. it just takes time for people to find out the new Flavor of the month hero or whatever.

          • NNNHEKTOR says:

            I reached plat V before quitting lol, unlocking almost all champions,
            and i have to say limited champions comparing to other players give you

            For one you may spend a long time discovering which
            champion works for you, i’ve played for such a long time and one of my
            last purchases has carried me from silver I to plat V purely through me
            being good at that champion.

            Other reason is counters, and now you may say “blah blah every champion can beat other if you play good blah blah”
            but the difference between picking a counter may be a few kills which are very game changing.

            to mention runes are pretty costly too and you can’t buy rune pages
            with IP and having rune pages is VERY helpful, you can’t say having 2
            pages is enough.

            With such a big playerbase they could make all champions free and gain money through skins, but they’re greedy.

            reason i quit is because i’ve found a better game, but i still play LoL
            from time to time. I’m just saying my opinion and experience.

    • AcceSpeed says:

      You can’t justifiy it. 12 millions players can.

  2. Conga Line! says:

    Oh, I didn’t know RTS, RPG and MOBA were actually MMOs in disguise. Every game that has a multiplayer option is an MMO now?

  3. Kaluk says:

    Blade and soul is there but archeage is not! Makes you think about it.

  4. vlad says:

    ★ Продажа аккаунтов на Корейские игры ★

  5. wtf says:

    MMOpage, giving top 10 MMOs with number 1 being a MOBA… the second one being an FPS counter-strike style with teams and stuff but they call MMOfps for some reason… 4th one being FIFA… 7th one being an RTS… 9th one being another RTS and 10th one being a single player RPG with a multiplayer aspect… is this a joke? for a top 10 MMOs there are surprisingly few MMOs in the list…

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