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Marvel Avengers Alliance Review

Marvel Avengers Alliance Review George X.

The Verdict



  • Pros (+) Recognizable Marvel Heroes and Villains. Over 40 different Super Heroes to unlock. Strategic turn-based combat. PvP option. In-combat store feature. Large weaponry and item selection.
  • Cons (-) Annoying energy system. Paying members have access to additional missions and content.


Solid Game

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This is a browser game that everyone visting any gaming site should know. The marketing machine behind this MMO is huge. So I decided to check it out, and guess what, I got addicted…

So what is it all about? Marvel Avengers Alliance is a browser based MMO Strategy – RPG. I say both, cause it is both. Your first action when you enter the game is to make your Agent. You are part of SHIELD and try to bring piece in Manhattan. In your fight against crime you will be able to recruit heroes that will fight by your side. There are more than 40 heroes in the game to unlock, with more added every week or so. You will find all your favorite heroes such as Wolverine, Magneto, Hulk, Cyclops, Invisible Woman and many many more. The heroes just like your agent get experience with combat and raise levels that gives access to more skills.



The game is based around 3v3 turn based combat. You have your agent plus two heroes of your collection and fight against villains in PvE or against other player agents in PvP tournaments. The helicarrier will be your base of operations. From there you will be able to research new weapons, upgrades and consumables for combat. From the helicarrier you can launch t o kind of missions. Story Missions and Assignments. Story Missions are them main form of gameplay. You will fight against villains in the city of Manhattan.

There are five different “classes” in the game, Blaster, Bruiser, Infiltrator, Scrapper and Tactician. Each of these classes is strong against one and weak against one other class, so you must be careful what heroes will be set up against villains before each encounter. Once you kill the subordinates, more targets will open with Mini bosses and once these are also killed you will get your chance on the Missions final boss.The combat is really strategic and difficult. You must be very careful before you deploy your heroes and use all available skills to maximize your chances for victory in the fight.  You will need energy before each launching mission similar to the social facebook games like Mafia Wars etc. In order to gain energy ( or any other resource) you need to have friends. By visiting your friends neigborhoud you will be able to get Money, Energy, Resources and a Stress Call that will summon your ally in combat if needed.  It is annoying to visit allies everyday for the extra bonuses, but at least it’s really easy to get allies from the chat menu.

The other missions you can launch from the helicarrier could be considered AFK missions. They give XP for the heroes and money for you. You can set the duration of the mission depending on your needs. They start from 3 minutes flash missions and can go up to 24 hours. The shorter the mission the more advantages it has. You will get more xp and cash  from repeating two 10 minute missions than from doing a 20 minute mission.



Hero Buy and Level Up Screen


There is PvP in the Marvel Avengers Alliance. The PvP is in the form of tournament ladder. You start at 800 rating ang go up or down depending on your win/loss ratio. You will be facing other agents and their heroes. You can get XP, money and some very cool rewards like new heroes and weapons by participating in PvP.

 The Looks and Sound

It’s not state of the art. It’s 2d Graphics, that could be better, but are not bad by any means. The heroes and their special effect moves look nice, and they have a wide variety of costumes to unlock. The mission backrounds and maps are just nothing special, they look like any other browser game. The music is nice and there is an option to turn it off if u start getting annoyed and the sound effects are quite good too. In general the presentation of the game is that of a high budget browser game.


This is your base of operations

The Verdict

Marvel Avengers Alliance is a solid Browser MMORPG – strategy game with quite a lot of depth. Players will join the incredible Marvel Universe and create their own team of superheroes to fight crime. It is hard and needs strategy to overcome villains and competing player agents in Tournament PvP. And that is good. Anyone who’s a marvel fan should check out this MMO, and even if you’re not you must still give it a try as it’s one of the best browser games out there.





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